August 23, 2012

GOP tops Dems in donations from NHL’s American owners

By Jesse Connolly

Given their steadfast, conservative approach to the CBA negotiations with the Players’ Association, it should come as no surprise that the NHL’s wealthy contingent of owners predominantly supports Republicans in the political landscape. 

Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs (front left) stands next to President Obama during Boston's visit to the White House in January. (Getty Images)

According to a recent New York Times story by national hockey writer Jeff Z. Klein -- based on information from the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics – owners of the 23 United States-based NHL teams have donated a sum of $1,006,914 to Republican campaigns and candidates during the current election cycle, which trumps the $418,185 that same group has given to Democrats by more than a 2-to-1 margin.

In total, 19 of the 23 ownership groups have made donations to federal-level campaigns in 2011 and 2012. The Times indicates that the four who haven’t are the New York Islanders, Dallas Stars, Phoenix Coyotes and New Jersey Devils.

The Stanley Cup champs are currently the top contributors, as co-owners Philip Anschutz and Ed Roski have given $223,200 to the GOP. The Nashville Predators ownership group ranks second in net donations to one party at $105,300 (coming from four of the ten members of their ownership group, all of which contributed to the Republican party), $5,000 of which went to Mitt Romney.

The San Jose Sharks 11-person ownership group has seen five members give a total of over $200,000 in total, with $144,950 going to the Republicans and $58,400 to the Democrats.

Washington Capitals owner Ted Leonsis has given the biggest net contribution to the Democrats ($55,800), $5,000 of which went toward President Obama.

Ranking second behind Leonsis in net contributions to the Dems ($52,785) is Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs. Jacobs has contributed $59,785 to the Democrats, but he’s also given $7,000 to the Republicans, including $5,000 to former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

Up in Buffalo, Kim Pegula, the wife of Sabres owner Terry Pegula, contributed $2,500 to Scott Brown, a Republican senator from Massachusetts.

To read more, check out Jeff Z. Klein’s full story.

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