August 14, 2011

NEHJ Buyer's Guide: Hockey Skates

Here's the Buyer's Guide from the August 2011 issue of New England Hockey Journal, featuring the latest and greatest products from the top manufacturers of hockey skates. 


Vapor APX
The new Vapor APX skate is the culmination of material and technological advancements, resulting in the lightest Vapor skate ever. A new X-Rib construction utilizing Bauer Curv composite upper revolutionizes the way players will interpret speed and experience comfort. Featuring a new lightweight Form-Fit 3 Tongue with enhanced lace bite protection and the Tuuk LS Fusion blade, Vapor APX is designed and engineered to elevate your game to a new level of fast.

Supreme TotalOne
The Bauer legacy of on-ice leadership lives on with the Supreme TotalOne. The lightest weight, most advanced skate in our 83-year history, it’s the result of technological advancements in design, materials and manufacturing. Combining our proprietary Bauer Curv composite upper, new Bauer Alive composite insole and Tuuk Fusion blade, the Supreme TotalOne validates Bauer’s commitment to elite players and the high-performance skates they depend on.


CCM U+ Crazy Light
CCM’s U+ Crazy Light skate is designed to provide the elite player the right combination of performance and comfort. By fitting the skate as close to the foot as possible, it provides the best comfort and a maximum energy transfer with each stride.

CCM U+ 12

The U+12 has the same Vector Armour Surlyn quarter package and the same Pro Armour tongue with felt and lace bite protection as the U+ Crazy Light. It also features a U Foam customizable core and a moisture wicking Clarino liner.


CCM U+ 10
The U+10 has a durable Rugged Armour quarter package and the same customizable U Foam core as the U+12. It also features a Duratex liner, a composite exhaust outsole, a F.I.T. System footbed and the same Pro Armour tongue with felt and lace bite protection as the U+ CL.

CCM U+ 08

The U+ 08 includes a Rugged Armour quarter package, a customizable U Foam core, a heav-duty microfiber liner, a composite exhaust outsole, an anatomical response footbed and a Pro style felt tongue with lace bite protection.


Reebok’s 11K Pump skate is lighter and more powerful than any Reebok skate to date. Its power system gives the skate an intuitive feel with more agile performance. This skate boot brings a new meaning to top-of-the-line performance in Reebok skates.


The 8K skate offers a lightweight structure that offers stability, control and durability. By featuring the Pump technology, the skate provides an ultimate level of personalization and performance by adjusting to an individual’s feet.


Reebok’s 7K skate is made with a dual-zone Duratex grip liner for superior heel lock as well as maximum support. Another key feature of this model is that it is made with a synthetic composite outsole that allows for maximum energy transfer in every stride.


The Reebok 6K Pump skate is designed to give the durability that players have come to expect from performance skates. This boot offers a lightweight structure for stability and durability, while the Pump provides maximum heel lock.


Pro Model
Skate Fenders offer an affordable, effective solution to reducing lost ice time from foot injuries, having helped protect players on the past two Stanley Cup-wining NHL teams. The new Pro Model is made of an even higher grade plastic. The Pro Skate Fenders are slightly lighter and yet stronger, have even more impact resistance and energy dissipation, and offer improved durability with the same game proven protection. MSRP: $69.95 standard models; $79.95 pro models