September 21, 2011

NEHJ Buyer's Guide: Helmets and Mouthguards

The September 2011 buyer's guide features the latest and greatest products from the top manufacturers of helmets and mouthguards.

11K helmet

Better protection starts with a better fit. With that in mind, the new 11K helmet is designed with overall safety as a top priority. The 11K is the only helmet that offers a true 360-degree fit. The Microdial II is designed to allow for the full 360-degree wrap and vertical adjustment to alleviate pressure points and hold the helmet firmly in place, giving it a truly customizable fit.

7K helmet

Reebok’s 7K helmet is designed with an aerodynamic shell with ventilation to allow for maximum air flow.  The inside of the helmet features molded EPP foam with comfort cushions for maximum protection and a snug fit. The 7K also features side fit clips for easy tool-less adjustment and subshells that allow for true color customization.

5K helmet

Reebok’s 5K helmet also has been designed with fit in mind. The inside of the helmet features moldable EPP comfort foam and comfort cushions to allow for a snug fit and maximum protection. The 5K, with fit in mind, also features side fit clips for easy tool-less adjustment allowing for customizable fit every time.

4K helmet

The 4K helmet offers an aerodynamic shell with ventilation for maximum air flow while playing the game. The inside of the helmet features a dual density VN liner that combines high and low density foams for the perfect balance of fit and protection.


Shock Doctor NANO 3D Mouthguard

The new NANO 3D is the ultimate self-fit mouthguard featuring a lower profile, closer fit and lest bulk. NANO 3D  provides improved airflow giving athletes the ability to breathe deep and speak easy.

Shock Doctor Custom Mouthguard

Personalized custom mouthguard made by our dental lab. Featuring our patented three-layer technology for ultimate comfort, fit and protection.

Shock Doctor Mouthguards for Braces

At Shock Doctor, we lead the industry in mouthguard technology. Our braces and double braces mouthguards require no boiling and adapt to braces as they are adjusted.

Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouthguards

Gel Max Mouthguards custom molds to teeth for a tight comfortable fit. Comes in nine colors. Strapped or strapless.


Total Team Customization

Manufactured in New York, we offer the M11 in 225 unique, team color combinations.  

Multiple Impact Technology

The revolutionary Seven Technology liner system is proven to perform better than EPP on successive impact.  Maximum compression performance and total material reset allows Seven Technology to crush on impact, disperse the energy and then reset within seconds, ready for the next impact.

Extreme Comfort

The unique 15-point ProFit System wraps in and around your head, creating a 360-degree, contour fit. Designed to allow micro, “on the fly” adjustment, the M11 ProFit eliminates pressure points, and helps keep your helmet in place on impact.

Maximum Protection

The M11 is proven to absorb more energy from high impact linear forces to provide maximum protection.


The CCM Vector Helmet

#1 Shell in the NHL — Pro approved to pass the mirror test, the Vector helmet features an ergonomic shell, designed with the industry’s widest field of vision. With the lift and lock too-free adjustment, the helmet easily opens for a quick fit. The Vector helmet has a wide range of opening to fit all head shapes.

High Impact EPP Liner — The Vector helmet has an EPP liner with heat activated memory foam for added comfort. Lightweight EPP is strategically placed to optimize coverage and performs exceptionally well at absorbing energy from hits.

Air Flow System — Aerodynamically constructed for maximum ventilation, 19 strategically placed vents were designed for air to flow up and over the head.

Models — CCM Vector Helmet, CCM V08 Helmet, CCM 06 Helmet, CCM 04 Helmet


Gladiator Pro

The Gladiator Pro is a cutting edge custom mouthguard recommended for all sports.  The Gladiator Pro combines the approved thickness and patented cut designs for the best in protection and comfort.

The Raptor

The Raptor is a material upgrade for the Gladiator Pro that is denser but not thicker. This allows for better “chewing” resistance without sacrificing comfort.


Bauer 9900 helmet

Built specifically to handle hockey hits, BAUER helmets lead the way in fit, innovation and protection. To protect against both high- and low-energy impacts, we created the BAUER 9900 helmet using exclusive PORON XRD inserts, an FXPP foam liner and slow memory comfort foams. With a tool-free custom fit and a low, snug profile, the BAUER 9900 helmet is our best-fitting helmet ever.

This buyer’s guide originally appeared in the September 2011 issue of New England Hockey Journal.