November 14, 2011

From NEHJ: 'Nose Face Killah'? Fine 'Marshmont'? No way

Brad Marchand lives up to his preferred moniker. (Brian Babineau/NHLI via Getty Images)

By Jesse Connolly

Over the course of his playing days, Brad Marchand undoubtedly has received many a barb about his big beak. Throughout his rookie year and sensational playoff run, one particular nickname paying a tribute to it gained steam.

Playing off the stage name of rapper Ghost Face Killah, fans have dubbed Marchand the “Nose Face Killah.” Teammates and even Marchand himself sport T-shirts with the nickname on it after games, as it’s a moniker No. 63 is in full approval of.

“Yeah, it’s fun,” Marchand said. “It seems to be something that’s gotten pretty big, and a lot of people have taken to it. It’s cool.”

Fans on Twitter and hockey message boards across the Web also have taken to the nickname “Marshmont,” but teammate and close friend Tyler Seguin said the Bruins never refer to the zany winger that way.

“I don’t hear it that often,” Seguin said. “I hear it from fans sometimes. None of the boys call him that.”

So what do they refer to him as?

“‘Pigeon,’ ‘The Rat,’ ‘Nose Killer,’” Seguin said.

That’s just fine by Marchand. You can call him anything, just — for the love of God — not “Marshmont.”

“Oh, I hate that name so much,” he said, shaking his head. “I don’t get where it came from. When people call me it, I tell them to stop. But the 'Nose Face' one, that’s fine.”

Take note, Bruins fans.

This article originally appeared in the November 2011 issue of New England Hockey Journal.

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