September 30, 2013

Hangin’ Out With: Albany Devils forward Joe Whitney

By Jesse Connolly

Joe Whitney (Reading, Mass.) led the Devils’ AHL affiliate in goals (26) and points (51) last season. (Photo: Albany Devils) 

What’s the coolest piece of hockey memorabilia you own?

“A few national championship rings I won when I was at BC.”

If you could be on any reality show, which would you choose?

“I watch ‘Duck Dynasty’ every once in a while, and those guys are pretty funny.”

What’s your fondest off-ice memory from your time at Boston College?

“I think just every day hanging out with teammates and friends. We spent a lot of time together over those four years, and I miss it.”

If you could hang out with any celebrity, who would it be?

“Maybe Tom Brady. I like the way he handles himself on and off the field, and he’s a complete stud.”

Which teammate has the worst taste in music?

“Matt Anderson did. He liked heavy metal and hard, hard rock.”

What’s the coolest hangout spot in the Albany area for you and your teammates?

“We have one, a place called Cardona’s Market. It’s an Italian market. It has great sandwiches, so we usually hang out there.”

If someone made a movie about your life, who would you want to play you?

“Maybe Mark Wahlberg would be a good fit.”

Do you have any hidden talents?

“Nah. I don’t have any. I’m not even going to try.”

If it weren’t for hockey, what line of work would you have gotten into?

“I’m not quite sure yet. I just like working with people and helping people, so maybe something involving that.”


Movie: “Forrest Gump”

Band/artist: “I don’t have a favorite. I just enjoy country music and a little house music.”

Video game: “Recently I’ve been playing Tiger Woods 2014, so I’ll go with that.”

Road city: “I wouldn’t say it’s a road city ’cause we played some of our home games there, but Atlantic City is nice.”

NHL player growing up: “I always looked up to Brian Gionta, Theo Fleury, the smaller guys.”

Restaurant: “Any restaurant in the North End.”

Store: “I like shopping at J. Crew a lot.”

Sports jersey (other than your own): “I like all the Boston teams, so any of those jerseys.”


Home, road or alternate jersey: “I enjoy being at home.”

Street clothes or suit and tie: “Definitely street clothes.”

“Modern Family,” “Sons of Anarchy” or “The Walking Dead”: “Modern Family”

Letterman, Leno or Conan: Conan

Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks or Tim Horton’s: “Probably Dunkin’ Donuts, but I do really enjoy Tim Horton’s, so I’ve got to give them some credit.”


Skates: Bauer

Gloves: CCM

Stick: Reebok

Helmet: CCM

Twitter: @JesseNEHJ