June 23, 2013

Top 10: Reasons Patrice Bergeron left Game 5

By Jesse Connolly

It's no secret that the loss of Patrice Bergeron was a big blow for the Bruins on Saturday night. Boston's alternate captain did not return for the third period after leaving with an injury, missing the final 20 minutes of the B's 3-1 loss.

Bergeron left United Center in an ambulance and there was rampant speculation after the game that it was due to a spleen injury, but that theory seemed to have been squashed when GM Peter Chiarelli said No. 37 left the hospital last night and flew home with the team today. 

So what are we to believe? Why did Bergeron really leave Game 5? Here are a few theories:

10. Gave up hope of setting up Brad Marchand or Jaromir Jagr for a goal in this series.







9. Found out the Cubs’ game was wrapping up, didn’t want to miss out on Edwin Jackson Bobblehead Night.

8. Thought he could head to a shelter to feed hundreds of homeless people, still be back before double overtime started.

7. Just learned of James Gandolfini’s passing during the second period. Didn’t want to tarnish his warrior-like image by getting upset on the bench.

6. Thought ER was a reality show set in Chicago, not a scripted drama. Fully expected to meet Dr. John Carter when he arrived at the hospital.

5. Food poisoning. Chicago pizza not what it’s cracked up to be.

4Spleen, ribs, back, heart, pierced lung, bird flu, ACL sprain, malaria, sinusitis, sore feet, dehydration or a case of the dizzies, per the Web MDs on Twitter.

3. Got tired of overhearing Pierre McGuire pronounce his name “Ber-zhuh-RAUGHHH.”

2. Was sick of other Boston teams trying to steal the spotlight from the Bruins. Flew home early to arrest Aaron Hernandez, drive Doc Rivers to Logan Airport.

1. Is setting us all up, will turn in the gutsiest performances in Stanley Cup Final history in Games 6 and 7.

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