April 13, 2012

Source: Pane of glass won't be punished for hit on Krejci

By Jesse Connolly

Brendan Shanahan caused a widespread uproar throughout the hockey universe after handing a paltry, $2,500 fine to Nashville defenseman Shea Weber for slamming Detroit forward Henrik Zetterberg’s head into the boards on Wednesday night. 

David Krejci's streak of 52-straight playoff games without getting attacked by plexiglass ended Thursday. (Getty)

But if our sources have their facts straight, Shanahan’s latest decision on the supplemental discipline front may cause sheer hysteria in the Hub of Hockey.

New England Hockey Journal learned Friday afternoon that the pane of glass that maliciously attacked David Krejci at TD Garden on Thursday night will not be fined or suspended. Krejci was in the corner of the rink celebrating Chris Kelly’s game-winning, overtime goal with teammates when the piece of plexiglass came crashing down on his unsuspecting dome.

“I’ve watched the replay at least 274 times on YouTube,” our source said, perhaps hinting he has far too much free time on his hands. “Each and every time I’ve come to the conclusion that this wasn’t an accident or something that can be blamed on nearby fans. Just look into the eyes of that pane of glass. You can clearly see he voluntarily separated himself from the boards and had every intention of laying Krejci out.”

The source believes the fact that the particular pane of glass had a clean rap sheet didn’t help matters, and that Claude Julien’s decision to state that the center was fine was a bad move. 

Dennis Wideman skates away looking a tad suspicious as the Bruins celebrate their OT goal. (Getty)

“You know, if Dr. Mark Recchi was around, this probably would’ve been handled a lot better,” our insider said. “If Julien was smart, he would’ve had Krejci by his side at his press conference. If the coach really wanted the league to take action, he would’ve put Krejci in a wheelchair, given him a neck brace, thrown a puppy on his lap and made sure he didn’t tweet about going to see ‘Hall Pass’ with his buddies.” 

Not wanting to dive too deep into any conspiracy theories, our source began to hint that one of the Capitals players may have encouraged the pane of glass to pull the stunt.

“All I will say is this: Keep a close eye on Dennis Wideman after the goal,” the source said, perhaps pointing us in the direction of the mastermind behind the attack. “He slowly skates by the piece of glass in question, appears to whisper something and starts to make that hand gesture designating money will be involved. I wish I could describe it better. You know, the one where you kind of run your thumb along your index and middle finger back and forth? Sorry, I’m rambling.”

Nevertheless, our insider insists that Shanahan will be making a phone call later on tonight. It won’t be to the Capitals or the maintenance crew at TD Garden.

“Shanahan will definitely be sending a stern warning to the Bruins,” the source said. “If any of them look at or taunt the glass in Game 2, don’t count on them being in Game 3. If someone lays a big hit in that corner or tries to hit that pane with a big slap shot, and the glass gets injured, you can bet your bottom dollar they’ll be suspended for the remainder of the playoffs.”

The NHL’s Wheel of Justice just keeps on spinning.

In case you missed it, here's what we're talking about: 

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