November 13, 2011

Hamill sent back to Providence

By Jesse Connolly

With Rich Peverley healthy and the Bruins no longer in a pinch for players, Zach Hamill has been reassigned to Providence.

Bruins forward Zach Hamill. (Getty)

After leading the P-Bruins out of the gate with 10 points (including five goals) in 14 games, the 23-year-old forward was called up to Boston on emergency basis earlier this week. In two games, Hamill recorded an assist and was plus-3 for Boston.

“I think anybody that plays well deserves to stay in the lineup, and I thought his game the other night was very good,” coach Claude Juliensaid after the Bruins’ 6-2 win over Buffalo on Saturday. “Tonight, he played on the left side, which he’s done in Providence; he played both wings. He’s a smart player; that’s what I like about him. He stood tall when it was time to stand tall. That penalty he took at the end, it was either him getting the stick high in the face, or it was [Patrick] Kaleta. I thought at that time, he did the right thing.

“To me, he’s been a strong player in these last two games, so it’s nice to see a player who’s been in the minors for a while paying his dues, and he comes back and certainly gives us some depth. It certainly feels comfortable when you’re able to bring a guy up like that and he’s able to handle himself the way he did.”

Prior to being sent down this morning, Hamill remained confident in his game after two tilts for the big club.

“Yeah I’m just trying to get better here everyday,” he said. “I think this year down in Providence, if there’s something to work on the ice, stay out there after practice to work on it and I think it’s kind of helped. It’s worked with me a little bit. But just try to come up here every time I’m on the ice trying to get the win for the team and be a part of it and the more I think I work on things the better I can be.”

To date, Hamill now has a line of 0-3-3 in six career NHL games.