April 27, 2012

Boston Bruins Breakup Day Injury Report

By Jesse Connolly

Like every other team that's gone through the rigors of the NHL postseason, breakup day was a chance for the Bruins to reveal injuries that had been ailing their squad.

Here's the official medical report (courtesy of yours truly):

NAME: Patrice Bergeron
AGE:  26
HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6-foot-2, 194 lbs.
INJURIES: Suffered broken nose on hit by Alex Semin late in series against Capitals. Also sustained an oblique muscle strain/tear, which initially occurred in Game 3 and worsened in Game 5.
PROGNOSIS:  Peter Chiarelli - "He won’t require surgery. He had a strained oblique and he was very debilitated from taking faceoffs as you saw. And I believe, I don’t think Bergy would ever say it, but I believe that last chance in overtime that he couldn’t stretch for it because of the oblique. He was in a lot of pain."
DR. CONNOLLY'S THOUGHTS: That Bergy sure is a warrior.

NAME: Zdeno Chara
AGE: 35
HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6-foot-9, 255 lbs.
INJURIES: Suffered broken nose when high-sticked by Caps forward Alex Ovechkin in Game 6.
PROGNOSIS: No mention of surgery was made.
DR. CONNOLLY'S THOUGHTS: The Bruins' behemoth captain couldn't have been feeling too hot, but the whack from Ovechkin probably didn't slow him down a sliver. 

NAME: Nathan Horton
AGE: 26
HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6-foot-2, 229 lbs.
INJURIES: Suffered a concussion in January in game against the Flyers.
PROGNOSIS: Peter Chiarelli - "I met with Horts and he was good and said he’s feeling a lot better and looking forward to next year."
DR. CONNOLLY'S THOUGHTS: Such news should come as a huge relief for the B's and their fans. Boston clearly missed having a healthy Horton out there on the David Krejci line in the playoffs.

Adam McQuaid
HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6-foot-5, 209 lbs.
INJURIES: Suffered concussion on March 29 when hit into the boards by Caps' Jason Chimera.
PROGNOSIS: Peter Chiarelli - "Adam, by tracking his progress in the playoffs, he was coming around and I expect a full recovery."
DR. CONNOLLY'S THOUGHTS: McQuaid was a steady, reliable presence on Boston's blue line, both throughout the regular season and in last year's playoffs. The B's would've benefitted from having his size and strength in the lineup.

Tuukka Rask
AGE: 25
HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6-foot-2, 171 lbs.
INJURIES: Suffered groin/abdomen injury in early March in game against Islanders.
PROGNOSIS: Peter Chiarelli - "By all accounts, he won't need surgery."
DR. CONNOLLY'S THOUGHTS: Boston probably would've benefitted from having Rask spot Tim Thomas during the stretch run, but with Thomas playing well throughout the opening round, not much was lost with Rask not serving as backup for the first half of the series. 

Tyler Seguin 
AGE: 20
HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6-foot-1, 186 lbs.
INJURIES: Detached tendon on knuckle on left hand.
PROGNOSIS: Peter Chiarelli - "He may need some surgery. I haven't talked to our doctors yet. Our medicals aren't over yet."
DR. CONNOLLY'S THOUGHTS: This may explain some of the tentativeness Seguin showed, as well as his inaccuracy shooting that plagued him for most of the first five games in the series.

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